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The abstract submission deadline for VSAC 2012 has been extended until 15 May 2012.


The Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) is the first edition of a worldwide academic conference aimed at studying scientific interactions between vision science and art. In 2012 VSAC will be twinned to the European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP).

In the last decade there has been a growing interest by scientists in studying interactions between art and vision. A strongly increasing number of publications (articles, books, special issues) and meetings (workshops, symposia) encouraged researchers, scholars and students to gather together in a unitary community that can cooperate, discuss and develop new scientific perspectives in this complex and intriguing new field.

A bridge between Vision Science and Art has already been constructed. Recent scientific discoveries contribute to the understanding of Art, and Art incorporates knowledge generated by science. The VSAC 2012 further stimulates and speeds up this construction to organize a Visual Science of Art community.

VSAC welcomes all kinds of work and approaches (from phenomenological to biological-computational) exploring the link between the science of perception and the visual arts. It also includes studies that might suggest new ideas and new findings useful for the experimental foundation of a Visual Science of Art. Specifically, VSAC 2012 is aimed at a deeper understanding of vision, art, and their relationship based on the observation that both visual science and visual arts (i) explore visual perception through its main properties - color, spatial vision, shape, visual organization, depth and (nowadays) motion; (ii) analyze and create a large variety of phenomena that involve a range of objects, from the simplest possible to the most complex that involve integration across different sensory modalities; and (iii) answer different but related questions about how and why we see the way we do.

Public Exhibition “IllusoriaMente”

In addition, VSAC 2012 will host a special exhibition called “IllusoriaMente” (in English both illusorily and the illusory mind) dedicated to the memory of the late Prof. Richard Gregory and Prof. Tom Troscianko and celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of both VSAC and ECVP attenders in producing attractive scientific/artistic products ranging from visual illusions to all kinds of experimental tools/procedures to applications/implementations of theories, mechanisms and principles ruling the visual system.


This year VSAC will take place in Alghero in the northwest “Coral Coast” of Sardinia. Alghero is one of the most beautiful and well-known places in Sardinia and is an ancient Catalan fortress on the sea, with great bastion walls, cobbled streets in the historic centre and ancient houses and churches in little piazzas. With its wonderful beaches and their emerald waters, Alghero is a real pearl on the Mediterranean Sea.

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2-6 September 2012, Alghero, Italy