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An iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app for ECVP 2012 is available for download courtesy of KyberVision:

it can be downloaded either from KyberVision website:

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The conference

The European Conference on Visual Perception is a travelling, annual meeting dedicated to scientific study of human visual perception.

ECVP has been held each year since 1978, and attracts a wide variety of researchers and students from fields such as Psychology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, to present and discuss new developments in our understanding of human vision and multisensory processes, as well as their applications. The conference is open to young and established scientists from Europe and other parts of the world. To encourage the widest possible participation, particularly among students, the meeting is held in a different European location each year.

Abstracts of the conference are now online in the journal Perception.

In addition, ECVP 2012 will hold a special exhibition called “IllusoriaMente” (in English both illusorily and the illusory mind) dedicated to the memory of the late Prof. Richard Gregory and Prof. Tom Troscianko and celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of both VSAC and ECVP attenders in producing attractive scientific/artistic products ranging from visual illusions to all kinds of experimental tools/procedures to applications/implementations of theories, mechanisms and principles ruling the visual system.

F1000 Posters

ECVP 2012 has been included as one of the meetings covered by the Faculty 1000 Open Access Posters system. This means that you can upload a file of your poster onto their website. If you choose to upload your poster, it means that your poster can be seen by people who didn't attend the meeting. It's fully indexed which means that anybody can find out about what you have done. You can find more about the system as well as how to deposit a poster on the Faculty 1000 website. It is also possible to submit slide presentations using the same system.


This year ECVP will take place in Alghero, in the northwest “Coral Coast” of Sardinia. Alghero is one of the most beautiful and well-known places in Sardinia. An ancient Catalan fortress on the sea, with its great bastion walls, the cobbled streets of its historic centre with ancient houses and churches in little piazzas. Alghero, with its wonderful beaches and their emerald water, is a real pearl on the Mediterranean Sea.

Satellite Conferences

Visual Science of Art Conference

1-2 September 2012, Alghero