Fellowships and awards

Doctoral fellowships

Travel fellowships (registration fee, travel costs, accommodation) will be granted competitively to a limited number of students and post-docs from less-privileged countries. To apply for a travel grant, please send your abstract and a letter of motivation to this e-mail: ecvp2012@uniss.it (please write "Fellowship" in the title). Deadline is April 1st. Fellowship notifications will be sent in June.

We are pleased to announce that we have selected 11 students and post-docs to receive travel fellowship, which cover partially the student's travel cost to the meeting.

1) Anasuya Das

2) Dragan Janković

3) HaDi MaBouDi

4) Mahesh Raj Joshi

5) Matziridi Maria

6) Mariann Hudák

7) Marina Kunchulia

8) Maya Roinishvili

9) Omar Johannesson

10) Olival cardoso do Lago

11) Quan Wang

Satellite Conferences

Visual Science of Art Conference

1-2 September 2012, Alghero