Public Exhibition “IllusoriaMente”

Prof. Richard Gregory
Tom Troscianko

From the 2nd to the 6th of September, VSAC 2012 and ECVP 2012 are organizing a special exhibition called “IllusoriaMente” (in English both illusorily and the illusory mind) dedicated to the memory of the late Prof. Richard Gregory and Prof. Tom Troscianko and celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of VSAC and ECVP attenders in producing attractive scientific/artistic products ranging from visual illusions to all kinds of experimental tools/procedures to applications/implementations of theories, mechanisms and principles ruling the visual system.

The exhibition will be open to town residents, tourists, scholars, members of the university of Sassari, students and children all around Sardinia and will be advertised in newspapers and TVs. Detailed information for submitting scientific/artistic products will be communicated soon.The exhibition will be hosted in the three fourteenth-century Aragonese towers: the Esperò Reial (or Torre di Sulis) tower, the octagonal tower of San Giacomo, the circular tower of la Polvorera and Castilla tower. The towers are connected by defensive walls.

Excursion to Neptune’s Grotto

VSAC and ECVP attendees and guests can visit Neptune’s Grotto at a special price (more information soon).

The Neptune’s Grotto is a stalactite marine cave near Alghero. The grotto is at the foot of the Capo Caccia cliffs. It can be reached by boat (it is a nice trip from the port of Alghero) or by road (there is a 654-step stairway cut into the cliff which leads from a car park at the top of the cliff down to the entrance).

Further events will be communicated soon.

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Maria Pia Beach

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