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Journal citations:
[author(s), year, journal, volume number, page number(s)],
[Smith et al, 2008, Perception, 35 ECVP Supplement, 104],
[Clark and Jones, 2006, Journal of Vision, 22(7):5, 1-8],
[Hutton, 1988, Nature, 224, 10-13; Li et al, 1989, Perception, 18(1), 72-78].

Book citations:
[author(s), year, book title, place of publication, publishers name] or
[author(s), year, in: book title, editor(s), place of publication, publishers name],
[Lorbi and Letta, 1997, Color Perception, New York, Addison-Wesley],
[… as discussed by Keelen [1997, Art and Vision, New Jersey, Prentice Hall],
[Smith et al, 1997, in: Depth Vision, J Roberts and F Bon, Chicago, Abrams].

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