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Saturday 1 September 2012, 10:30-11:30

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Terrazza Restaurant Emperador

1 - Geometric texture aesthetics for digital cartography
Zainab Almeraj, Craig Kaplan and Paul Asente

2 - Illusory Motion in three-dimensional applications
Jessica Guinto

3 - Is rating the aesthetic value of a composition the same as rating its balance?
Françoise Samuel and Dirk Kerzel

4 - Using computer arts to explore the look and feel of financial planning.
Kenneth C. Scott-Brown, Santiago Martinez, Rosie Henderson, Dmitrijs Cernagovs, Hugh McLaughlin, Nicolas Tanda, Omid Ahmadidarani, Jason Turner and Robin Sloan

5 - Is Plato’s banishment of the poets a release for mimetic art? An anamorphic interpretation for a philosophical puzzle.
Gabriele Meloni

6 - Impact of alexithymia on aesthetic preference
Francesca Baralla, Anna Maria Giannini and Emanuela Tizzani

7 - Visual and Motor Experience in Watching Ballet
Frank Pollick and Seon Hee Jang

8 - Central Perspective Image Geometry for Object Depth Estimation
Elodie Fourquet and William Cowan

9 - Wild Visions: an Artistic Investigation into Animal Vision
Prue Sailer

10 - The sensitivity of aesthetic perception
Stella Faerber and Claus Christian Carbon

11 - A painter’s eye movements during creative painting
Sawako Yokochi, Takeshi Okada and Kentaro Ishibashi

12 - Using eye-movements and verbalization to investigate spectatorship in Edouard Manet’s painting (1882) ‘A Bar at the Folies-Bergère.’
Jason Kass, Beth Harland, John Gillett, Carl Mann, Simon Liversedge and Nick Donnelly

13 - What did Bernini get from Van Dyck’s triple portrait of Charles I?
Andrea Van Doorn, Jan Koenderink and Johan Wagemans

14 - Picasso’s “distorted” figures
Andrea Van Doorn, Jan Koenderink and Johan Wagemans

15 - The Hue of Shapes
Liliana Albertazzi, Luisa Canal, Osvaldo Da Pos, Rocco Micciolo, Michela Malfatti and Massimo Vescovi

16 - Visualization of information of a Japanese onomatopoeia as infographics
Kyo Suzuki, Yoshie Kiritani and Yoichi Tamagaki

17 - Position and orientation of faces in film: an analysis of the main male character in eight action movies
Marco Bertamini and Carole Bode

18 - Magnitude and Preference Judgments of the Optimized Fraser-Wilcox illusion Type II Patterns
Jasmina Stevanov, Branka Spehar and Akiyoshi Kitaoka

19 - E-motions
Rossana Actis-Grosso and Daniele Zavagno

20 - Laws of coloration in vision and art
Veronica Belli, Giulia Calaresu and Baingio Pinna

Saturday 1 September 2012, 16:00-17:00

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Terrazza Restaurant Emperador

21 - The dynamics of fading and afterimages in contemporary art
Rob van Lier and Arno Koning

22 - Listening to paintings
Arno Koning and Rob Van Lier

23 - Does art shape our perceptual world? A study with visual illusions.
Silvia Savazzi, Chiara Bagattini and Chiara Mazzi

25 - Neural Correlates of Object Indeterminacy in Art Compositions
Alumit Ishai

24 - Structural regularities in paintings: correspondence to natural scenes and human visual processing
April Schweinhart and Edward Essock

26 - Chaotic Colour Sequences and their Application to Colour Illuminations
Kenkichi Fukurotani

27 - The 3D stereoscopic world from the spectator’s scope: Adjusting 3D content from pattern of systematic errors
Cyril Vienne, Laurent Blondé, Didier Doyen and Pascal Mamassian

28 - Psychophysical scaling of circle size with and without depth cues
Marcelo Costa, Adsson Magalhaes and Balázs Vince Nagy

29 - Assessment of the Rule of Thirds in Photographs Taken by Amateurs
Seyed Ali Amirshahi, Christoph Redies and Joachim Denzler

30 - When do people aesthetically evaluate visual symmetry?
Alexis Makin, Moon Wilton, Anna Pecchinenda and Marco Bertamini

31 - Da Vinci’s La Bella Principessa and the uncatchable smile
Michael Pickard and Alessandro Soranzo

32 - Does drawing faces make you a super-expert of faces? An investigation of face perception and recognition abilities in visual artists
Christel Devue, Catherine Barsics and Serge Brédart

33 - Lighting for artworks: subjective evaluation of different light sources
Elisabetta Baldanzi, Alessandro Farini and Giancarlo Castoldi

34 - Effect of color and brightness on perception of beauty in fractal images
Gwan Ho Lee, Woo Hyun Jung and Seungbok Lee

35 - How long does it take to determine that you like a painting?
Andrey Chetverikov

36 - Banksy's graffiti art reveals insight into surface completion processes
Nava Rubin

37 - Video and digital modeling for the representation of the Philips pavilion’s project by Le Corbusier.
Gabriella Curti

38 - The effect of valence and arousal on aesthetic preference: A developmental perspective
Dragan Jankovic and Ana Orlic

39 - The beauty of simulacra
Sonja Durajlija Zinic

40 - Aesthetic experiences through the visual arts differ from real-life visual perception: Evidence from studies with fMRI
Sarita Silveira, Aline Lutz, Evgeny Gutyrchik and Ernst Pöppel

41 - Evaluation of attractiveness and beauty in visual artworks – adaptation and Fourier statistics
Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring and Christoph Redies

42 - How perception of ambiguous figures is affected by fixation and instruction
Priscilla Heard and Ayesha Pullen

Carol Laidler, Pat Jamieson

44 - Objects painted by Patrick Hughes defy the surfaces they are rendered on, creating multiple motion patterns on the same 3-D canvas
Thomas V. Papathomas and Joshua Dobias

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2-6 September 2012, Alghero, Italy