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Measuring aesthetic impressions

Co-Chairs: M. Dorothee Augustin and Johan Wagemans
Saturday 1 September 2012, Salon del Emperador, 9:00 - 10:30

Measuring aesthetic impressions: Mission impossible or artful science
M. Dorothee Augustin and Johan Wagemans

Less unspeakable than said? Developing a verbal measure to assess aesthetic impressions of visual art
M. Dorothee Augustin

Measuring aesthetic impressions in an implicit way
Claus-Christian Carbon

See-volution: A large scale public investigation of aesthetic preferences
Tim Holmes, Hayley Thair, Elina Nikolaidou, Alice Lowenhoff, Jade Jackson and Johannes Zanker

Posturographic and subjective visual vertical tests conducted before and after visiting Richard Serra’s Promenade, Monumenta 2008, at Grand Palais, Paris
Zoi Kapoula

Measuring aesthetic experience: A view from neuroaesthetics
Marcos Nadal

Contemporary approaches in empirical aesthetics

Co-Chairs: Liliana Albertazzi and David Melcher
Saturday 1 September 2012, Salon del Emperador, 11:30 - 13:00

Art forms in nature and their colour
Liliana Albertazzi

Perception of emotion in abstract artworks
David Melcher

Fechner, Mondrian, and experimenting in aesthetics
Chris McManus

Human Color Preferences: An Ecological Approach
Stephen Palmer and Karen Schloss

Bringing art into the lab and science into the museum: A new way of doing empirical aesthetics?
Johan Wagemans

Visual encoding of visual art: from features to aesthetics

Chair: Ming Meng
Saturday 1 September 2012, Salon del Emperador, 14:30 - 16:00

Mapping the range of pigment, luminance and lightness in vision and art
Alan Gilchrist

Art appreciation: the interplay of perception, emotion and expertise
Helmut Leder

On the Sources of Visual Invariants in Artistic Composition
Christopher Tyler

Tracking perceptual learning in visual art students
Alexander Schlegel, Sergey Fogelson, Prescott Alexander, Xueting Li, Zhengang Lu, Peter Tse and Ming Meng

Representation and aesthetics of the human face in portraiture
Pamela Pallett, Daniel Graham, Helmut Leder and Ming Meng

Unnatural art, natural brain
Patrick Cavanagh

M. Massironi and Arte Programmata e cinetica: visual research and art, art and visual research

Chair: Ugo Savardi
Sunday 2 September 2012, Salon del Emperador, 9:00 - 10:30

Massironi and Arte Programmata: a brief review of research into perception
Ugo Savardi

Canaries from doodles and other visual exercises
Daniele Zavagno

The visual arts as on-field experimentation
Rossana Actis Grosso and Daniele Zavagno

Pictorial representation and the psychology of visual art
Daniela Bressanelli and Enrico Giora

Exploring the visual structure of reflections inside and outside a laboratory
Ivana Bianchi

Op Art and Perceptual Intuition
Gert van Tonder

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2-6 September 2012, Alghero, Italy