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Saturday 1 September 2012

Session 1

Chair Robert Pepperell
Salon de la Infanta y Reina: 9:00-10:30

09:00 - Think global, act local: Do local visual processing biases explain proficiency in observational drawing in non-autistic individuals?
Rebecca Chamberlain, Chris McManus, Howard Riley, Qona Rankin and Nicola Brunswick

09:15 - Depicting visual perception in art and science
Robert Pepperell

09:30 - The Mazzocchio in Perspective
Kenneth Brecher

09:45 - A comparison of statistical regularities in images of regular text, calligraphy and aesthetic artworks
Tamara Melmer, Michael Koch, Joachim Denzler and Christoph Redies

10:00 - Getting the shape right: drawings focus on proportion in the positive space
Linda Carson, Matthew Millard, Nadine Quehl and James Danckert

10:15 - Nearly random naturalistic textures from photographs and paintings
Jacques Ninio

Session 2

Chair George Mather
Salon de la Infanta y Reina: 11:30-13:00

11:30 - Photograph experience which deepens an understanding of an image - Development of the website with the photographs of the Nakagawa canal -
Yota Shoji, Kiyofumi Motoyama and Shingo Sadakuni

11:45 - Imitation, inspiration and creation: Cognitive process of creative drawing by copying others' artworks
Kentaro Ishibashi and Takeshi Okada

12:00 - On the association between abstract symmetry and valence
Marco Bertamini, Alexis Makin and Anna Pecchinenda

12:15 - Image preference and visual statistics
George Mather

12:30 - Ambiguity in art: Theories, definitions and empirical data
Claudia Muth and Claus-Christian Carbon

12:45 - Occlusion Depiction in Australian Aboriginal Painting
Barbara Gillam

Session 3

Chair Johan Wagemans
Salon de la Infanta y Reina: 14:30 - 16:00

14:30 - Accounting for Taste: Individual Differences in Preference for Harmony
Stephen Palmer and William Griscom

14:45 - What makes an art expert? Emotion and evaluation in art appreciation
David Welleditsch, Gernot Gerger and Helmut Leder

15:00 - Using playing time as an implicit measure of enjoyment
Lee De-Wit, Tim Vandendriessche and Johan Wagemans

15:15 - Aesthetic evaluation of design objects at an implicit and explicit level between laypeople and experts
Stefano Mastandrea

15:30 - The psychology of naive self-portraits: compositional biases when using the iPhone front camera
Nicola Bruno and Marco Bertamini

15:45 - Koffka’s Psychology of Art
Branka Spehar and Gert van Tonder

Sunday 2 September 2012

Session 4

Chair Slobodan Markovic
Salon de la Infanta y Reina: 9:00 - 10:30

09:00 - Automatic Analysis of Emotions Conveyed by Abstract Painting
Victoria Yanulevskaya, Elia Bruni, Jasper R.R. Uijlings, Andreza Sartori, Elisa Zamboni, Francesca Bacci, David Melcher and Nicu Sebe

09:15 - Fractals, scale-invariance and visual preference
Branka Spehar and Richard Taylor

09:30 - Kafka’s Castle: Vision and Imagination in Visual Art and Literature
Emily T. Troscianko

09:45 - Aspects of experience of beauty
Slobodan Markovic

10:00 - Goodness-of-fit of oriented elements within a rectangular frame
Stefano Guidi and Stephen E Palmer

10:15 - Mirror Reversal of Artworks
Michael Forster and Helmut Leder

Session 5

Chair Christopher Tyler
Salon de la Infanta y Reina: 11:00 - 12:00

11:00 - Assessment Depth Cue Dynamics
Christopher Tyler and Spero Nicholas

11:15 - Art and the brain: the view from dementia
Cosima Gretton

11:30 - A perspective view of Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper
George Sperling

11:45 - Eye-conographs
Nicholas Wade

12:00 - Climate, illumination statistics, and the style of painting
Isamu Motoyoshi

Session 6

Chair Stephen Palmer
Salon del Emperador: 11:00 - 13:30

11:00 - There are images neither in the mind nor in the world, only pictures
Riccardo Manzotti

11:15 - Sensitivity to the Fine Scale of Artistic Style
Holly Gerhard and Matthias Bethge

11:30 - Motion in Art - Art in Motion
Johannes M Zanker

11:45 - Depiction of material properties in paintings
Bilge Sayim and Patrick Cavanagh

12:00 - Eastern and Western Perspectives in Traditional Visual Arts
Yan Bao

12:15 - Historical forerunners of contemporary perspectives in the field of neuroaesthetics
Enrico Giora

12:30 - Neuroaesthetics of ambiguous art: viewing Arcimboldo’s artworks.
Maddalena Boccia, Federico Nemmi, Emanuela Tizzani, Cecilia Guariglia, Fabio Ferlazzo, Gaspare Galati and Anna Maria Giannini

12:45 - Chinese calligraphy: strokes in motion
Jérôme Pelletier and Yolaine Escande

13.00 - Ansel Adams Zone System: Techniques for rendering HDR scenes on LDR film media
John McCann and Alessandro Rizzi

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2-6 September 2012, Alghero, Italy